Thursday, December 25, 2008

KRQE Reports Police Catch Scientology NarCONon Criminals In The Act!

The original News 13 report!

Definately click on the link for the original news article and post a comment about this latest Scientology "NarCONon" crime. In extract:

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) - Under cover of darkness Wednesday the troubled Second Chance rehab center mysteriously shuttled nearly 50 patients or inmates away from its facility just ahead of a deadline to explain who it's been housing.

Albuquerque police who put the West Mesa facility under surveillance said they witnessed the bizarre twist in the Second Chance saga early Wednesday. Later in the day the rehab program was under a 5 p.m. deadline to document all its inmates and clients to the city of Albuquerque.

The full article is available here:
Scientology NarCONon Crimnials Caught

THIS IS SCIENTOLOGY'S NARCONON, FOLKS! Organized crime mobsters sneaking around in the dark trying to evade police. That's Scientology. That's NarCONon.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dope Dealers Must Have Loved Scientology's Narconon Scam

The notorious Scientology Corporation runs a fake “drug treatment” they call “NarCONon” which is a scam dreamed up by their drug-addled conman messiah L. Ron Hubbard.

Though the scam is worthless and does not assist people to get off of drugs or alcohol, the scam costs a great deal of money with something around $20,000 U. S. Dollars being the typical amount of money the crooks rook and swindle out of drug and alcohol addicts. Money is what drives the Scientology crooks here, not some altruistic desire to help people.

There is a level of irony here that can’t be overlooked.

These days almost everyone knows that Scientology’s “NarCONon” is a fraud and that it does not work. On rare occasion some politician who hasn’t done him homework will hand the crooks our tax dollars only to be massively embarrassed when his or her lack of responsibility and incompetence is exposed in public.

A good example of this was in New Mexico recently shortly after a University study showed that Scientology’s scam did –worse—at helping people get off drugs than doing nothing at all.

A number of YouTube videos covering the latest massive exposure of Scientology’s fraud soon sprang up, further assisting in disseminating the truth about Scientology.

Here’s the irony: Dope dealers must have loved Scientology’s “NarCONon” scam for many years, right up until the truth about it being a scam started getting so widely exposed on the Internet.

The last thing that a dope dealer or drug pusher wants is for an effective methodology to be developed that gets people off of drugs, and the second to the last thing they would want is customers getting cured. A cured customer is no longer a customer and thus along comes Scientology which –deliberately— diverts drug addicts away from legitimate treatments and organizations that actually work, organizations such as Narcotics Anonymous.

Scientology’s frauds kept people from getting help, thus Scientology kept people purchasing illegal narcotics, thus dope dealers must have really loved Scientology.

Now that Scientology’s “NarCONon” frauds are so well know, Scientology’s ability to assist dope dealers’ revenues are virtually non-existent.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Scientology Lunatic Goes Apeshit in Public Restaurant

Scientology Lunatic Goes Apeshit in Public Restaurant

Holy Xenu, Batman, grab the Prozac and break out the restraints! Another lunatic Scientology customer has been video taped yarking off insanely once again, but this time it’s not Heterosexual Tom Cruise!

If you haven’t seen the amazing video yet, definitely do so. The URL to the video is provided here and it is certainly worth taking a look at. If you watch this, come back here and I’ll explain what happened:

What happened was the human rights and civil rights advocacy group “Anonymous” had teamed up with members of the ARSCC (which does not exist) to picket and protest against the notoriously criminal Scientology Corporation’s human rights, civil rights, and criminal abuses.

One of the information fliers that Anonymous had been handing out was about the Scientology Corporation’s dead conman messiah L. Ron Hubbard and his fictitious military career. Hubbard had made all kinds of insane claims about having been some kind of war hero when in fact he was a failed, incompetent idiot who had to be relieved of command TWICE and never saw a minute of combat.

JSwift had tested the screaming Scientology idiot's claim that he (the screaming Scientology idiot) had been in the military and thus asked the clown about Hubbard's "purple star" to see if he (the screaming Scientology idiot) would correct him. Thyat appears to have set the insane lunatic off enough to spew off about Hubbard's actual military career.

The criminal ringleaders and crime bosses who run the Scientology Corporation today persist in selling their dwindling supply of rubes, marks, and suckers who still purchase their bait-and-switch bunko frauds all the old insane L. Ron Hubbard claims, all of which had been exposed decades ago as being outright lies.

Well an Anonymous flier offered the evidence which made this frothingly insane Scientology customer go apeshit in public where all could see what Scientology does to otherwise normal, sane people.

Why? Why was the Scientology customer shitting himself in anger and on the edge of breaking out in to tears? (Not to mention on the edge of breaking out in to another violent criminal act against citizens for which Scientology’s ringleaders are so well known.)

At issue is the insane claim that Hubbard was nearly killed in combat during World War 2 and that only through the magic of Dianetics a.k.a. Scientology “auditing” and “training routines” et al., Hubbard managed to cure himself thus the frauds, racketeering, extortion, blackmail, kidnapping, murder, money laundering, and everything else Scientology engages in on a daily basis is all worth it.

Scientology customers who are faced with the truth – that Hubbard was never in combat leave alone injured leave alone cured through the miracle of Scientology “processing” are forced to admit to themselves that they have been defrauded and swindled, untold amounts of money handed over to the criminal enterprise, all predicated upon what was in retrospect an obvious suit of lies.

So naturally when this Scientology customer was confronted with the truth, reality met cult indoctrination which debunked years of belief, effort, and lost money. The result wasn’t to stomp over to his crime boss and demand his money back, the result was to spew insane hate at the people who had dared to open his eyes to the truth.

Scientology preys upon people who are marginally sane and preys upon people who are otherwise normal, rational, and good hearted people. Unfortunately Scientology turns people in to utter lunatics the likes of which is so amusingly exhibited by Heterosexual Tom Cruise, Kirsty Alley, and to a lesser degree John Travolta.

Enter the Scientology fraud called “NarCONon.” Hubbard was a criminal who died while on the lam fleeing Federal prosecutors. His lies, frauds, and scams were the result of his criminal insanity, all of which was the result of decades of drug and alcohol abuse.

I mention this because the chain of events that lead up to this idiot screaming insanely like some street corner lunatic had its genesis in Hubbard’s drug and alcohol addiction which his own “NarCONon” fraud was utterly incapable of solving.

Scientology is organized crime. The criminal enterprise sells frauds from end to end and gives nothing back to society but destroyed families, destroyed local economies, dead customers, and ruined lives. This insane lunatic screaming in a restaurant is the extreme end of the Scientology Bell Curve but most of its remaining customers –- all 40,000 of them world wide – are nuts.