Monday, February 16, 2009

Scientology NarCONon Frauds and Altered Photographs

The notorious Scientology Corporation has been caught repeatedly doctoring photographs and forging fake "studies" to try to rook and swindle people in to thinking that their criminal enterprise is legitimate and that it works, so much so that the insane criminals were caught trying to create more customers than they actually had that they became known as the "Cult With No Heads" Washington Post Coverage of Scientology Phoptographic Frauds

Well now Anonymous has uncovered some more Scientology photograph fgraud, this time the insane crooks are cutting and pasting dismembered waving arms to try to make their frauds look more popular than they actually are. Get a load of this:

Photographic evidence discussion

This is typical of Scientology and their endless fake fronts. It's always a fraud with Scientology, always an insane scam, always something scummy and criminal. Always.

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