Monday, April 27, 2009

Scientology's NarCONon talks about the Scientology secret Police

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November 11, 2008

Scientology's NarCONon talks about the Scientology secret Police, part 1:

Narconon of Georgia uses the dangerous and useless sauna detoxification system made up by L. Ron Hubbard.

The Oklahoma State Board of Mental Health found that "No scientifically well-controlled independent, long-term outcome studies were found that directly and clearly establish the effectiveness of the Narconon program for the treatment of chemical dependency and the more credible evidence establishes Narconon's program is not effective."

Narconon International shares the Los Angeles address and suite number of ABLE (Association for Better Living and Education). ABLE is a well known Scientology front organization. The words "Scientology" and "Dianetics" are carefully avoided in all Narconon promotional literature, and Narconon attempts to present itself as something separate from Scientology and Dianetics, but the curriculum gives the game away. The Narconon "New Life" program is basically an 8 part introduction to Scientology.

All about Scientology and the totally independent Narconon drug rehab program run by Scientologists for Scientology. For more information about Narconon visit:

NarCONon Exposed!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Vince Daniels Exposes Scientology's NarCONon Frauds

Back in 2007, a guy named Vince Daniels ran a radio show from Riverside County. Vinnie's an eclectic guy, and his talk show reflected that. It was a blend of music and a wide variety of topics; things Vinnie thought were interesting and of importance.

One day, Vinnie was approached by a guy named Richard Behaser (IIRC) who'd spent around $26,000 up front to send his kid to Narconon Stone Hawk in Michigan. Richard Behaser received a call from his son; he'd been kicked out of the program and transported to a seedy motel miles from anywhere. Dumped off there with only $10, at a motel with a history of drug activity, he called home. Behaser drove hours to retrieve him and, when he tried to get a refund, Per Wickstrom, head of Stone Hawk, refused. And Vinnie decided to do a show about it.

Wickstrom's refusal to return Mr. Behaser's money put both him and his son in a quandary. The young man needed help, and now, Behaser couldn't afford another rehab.

I think Per Wickstrom only did the one show, and Vinnie hammered him. Wickstrom utilized every slimy evasion in the book, and Vinnie held him to the subject at hand. Behaser's complaint rang out on the radio loud and clear. Vinnie scheduled him for another show; and hours before it was to air, Wickstrom refunded his money with a gag order. Vinnie was furious. He felt used, and also stressed at having to fill three hours of show without his guest.

Then, Per Wickstrom scheduled a block of shows on KCAA which aired at 6:00 am on Saturday mornings. He actually flew to California from Michigan to do this. As a result, Vinnie reopened the Narconon topic, and a number of other parents who'd experienced the same thing with Narconon Stone Hawk called in. A number of OG got involved, and Vinnie's show spread the word about the fraudulent, dangerous program, abuses at other Narconons around the country, and the ties between Narconon and Scientology.

The series of shows is still worth listening to. Not long after, Vinnie pulled the plug on 'The Many Moods of Vince Daniels,' and Scientology took credit for ending the show.

The podcasts of his shows were still available on Vince Daniels. I just got word that, as of May 1, 2009, Vinnie's website will be no more. After entertaining several offers, Vince is quitting the radio biz. Health issues, potential stress, and a dislike in the direction commercial radio has gone have all played a part in his decision.

Vinnie deserves credit; for broaching the Narconon issue, for standing up to Scientology's heavy handed attempts at shutting him up, and for refusing to be intimidated.

Some of his Narconon programs are still available on XenuTV's Youtube channel.
YouTube - Scientology: Vince Daniels - Stonehawk Debate - Pt 1

NarCONon scam Part 1

This is part 1 of a 4 part program. Links to the other segments are listed on the page.

So, Vinnie, good luck with your future endeavors. I wish you were still around to cover the collapse of Narconon StoneHawk, Per Wickstrom's morphing it into 'A Forever Recovery,' the issues in Riverside regarding an unconstitutional ordinance, 884, and the apparent corruption of Supervisor Jeff Stone. I know you would have covered these stories real well. Still, you did what you could do, helped those you could help, and informed a hell of a lot of people.

You had the guts to cover something most hosts would avoid like the plague. So long, and thanks for all the fish!

Chaplain, ARSCCwdne

Monday, April 13, 2009

Scientology NarCONon Destroys Neighborhoods

And the scams and frauds of these Scientology criminals continues. At least local citizens are getting more aware of what Scientology is and what it does to the point that they're fighting back.

Take a look at this Tampabay article covering the latest citizens effort to put a stop to these Scientology criminals:

Scientology's "NarCONon destroys neighborhoods

"To us, it's ruined our lifestyle already."

If you check any town where Scientology has snuck in one of their fake "drug treatment" frauds, the quality of life has dropped, the emergency rooms are stuffed full of Scientology vistims (all without medical insurance) and the police call-outs to these Scientology business offices take up a large precent of the overall police effort.

And the insane crooks keep getting away with it.