Monday, April 13, 2009

Scientology NarCONon Destroys Neighborhoods

And the scams and frauds of these Scientology criminals continues. At least local citizens are getting more aware of what Scientology is and what it does to the point that they're fighting back.

Take a look at this Tampabay article covering the latest citizens effort to put a stop to these Scientology criminals:

Scientology's "NarCONon destroys neighborhoods

"To us, it's ruined our lifestyle already."

If you check any town where Scientology has snuck in one of their fake "drug treatment" frauds, the quality of life has dropped, the emergency rooms are stuffed full of Scientology vistims (all without medical insurance) and the police call-outs to these Scientology business offices take up a large precent of the overall police effort.

And the insane crooks keep getting away with it.


Anonymous said...

I disagree with this. I did the Narconon program more than 8 years ago and I'm still off drugs today and doing well. There are many people that are helped by this program that I know personally.

Fredric said...

Of course the anonymous liar is a Scientology criminal. Scientology's "Narconon" does not work, it's what numerous industries call "snake oil." It's even worse than the well known placebo effect.

Then along come Scientology criminals who make money off of their victims posting anonymous lies trying to bolster their frauds and scams.

Anonymous said...

This is actually a good program and has helped like thousands of people. My sister completed it several years ago and has managed to stay off drugs. And she is not a Scientologist.

Fredric said...

> This is actually a good program
> and has helped like thousands of
> people

Which is further bullshit from a Scientology crooks. All testing, all research, all clinical trials of Scientology's "NarCONon" scam have proven undeniably that it does not work, that it's a scam and a fraud.

None of the claims that these Scientology crooks make are ever backed up by evidence. The miracle claims are fraud. The "personal stories" are advertizing written by anonymous Scientology criminals trying to sell the fraud.

Ask any real person who has been subjected to Scientology's "NarCONon" fraud and they'll tell you that it not only does not work but that they want their money back. They'll tell you horror stories about the Scientology crooks, what they do in this scam, how horrible the human rights abuses are.